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DSR since 2005 effectively supports the use of the manufacturing company's resources, by the assessment of real usage of machinery and work time of the specialists using IoT tools and cloud computing. Moreover, our solutions allow for the improvement of production processes providing actual image of the production key performance indicators. The production management systems we offer, also allow for fast analysis of the resources availability and better organization of labor as well as for efficient scheduling and production planning.

Our production management system developed for Industry 4.0 called DSR 4FACTORY - is a package of IT solutions for improvement of the specific areas within the whole production process, which includes services and software for registration and analysis of the production process, monitoring of specific machine parameters and material flow tracking:

SFC 4FACTORY - Shop Floor Control - best solution for more effective production thanks to analyzing and controlling real time data from the manufacturing shop floor. With this cloud services, it is known what is happening in individual production processes. All orders are monitored and collected in real time in the system's database, for later reporting and analysis. Data collected by the system regarding various KPIs inform about the progress of work on individual orders, the effectiveness of work of people, machines and devices.

EAM 4FACTORY - Enterprise Asset Management software for overall production plant maintenance to help optimize production through complete preventative and predictive maintenance capabilities. Full functionality allowing for efficient management of the company's assets. Handling of events related to machinery and equipment reported by the production department, as well as repair orders allowing registration of mechanics' working time, reservation and release of parts and consumables from the warehouse.

IOT 4FACTORY - using SFC 4FACTORY or EAM 4FACTORY is highly recommended to collect data directly from production units. This solution uses hardware which integrates with existing units and gather data in the real-time. In order to register production data from manufacturing shop floor in automatic way IOT 4FACTORY module is indispensable. Then all production units can be examined using KPI tool according to ISO 22400 and causes of effectiveness losses can be verified. This solution is also an integral part of the predictive maintenance. Using it manufacturing company can schedule asset maintenance in advance before expensive failure occurs.

CFG 4FACTORY - allows manufacturers to configure products of any level of complexity. Application enables fast and correct execution of individual orders based on options and variants available in a given model. It is a complete, integrated IT solution supporting the production of custom-made products. Based on the prepared rules and information provided by the user via the questionnaire, the CFG 4FACTORY application generates a complete bill of material (BOM) and complete routings which are used by the any ERP system.

 MPS 4FACTORY - Master Production Schedule is a software that supports manufacturing companies in creating a long-term and short-term production plan as a dynamic and digital production plan, with generation of production orders. MPS 4FACTORY is a tool that shows all necessary data that will help to plan production, load of machines and raw material demand in the next days and longer time perspective.