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Salvatore Stolfo

Allure Security
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Salvatore Stolfo is a people-person, which makes him unique in a field where folks focus on making machines. As professor of artificial intelligence and computer science at Columbia University since 1979, Dr. Stolfo has spent his entire career figuring out how people think, and how to make computers and systems think like people. Early in his career, he realized that the best technology adapts to how humans work, not the other way around. Dr. Stolfo has been granted over 80 patents and has published over 230 papers and books in the areas of parallel computing, AI knowledge-based systems, data mining, computer security and intrusion detection systems. His research has been supported by numerous government agencies, including DARPA, NSF, ONR, NSA, IARPA, AFOSR, ARO, NIST, and DHS. Today, he is the founder and CTO of Allure Security.